Who we are

Swiss Peak Technologies SA is a boutique advisory firm based in Geneva, Switzerland, that provides contractual, legal and compliance (anti-kickback) support tailored for the specific needs of health technology (healthtech) players.

We draw from a track-record of international executive roles with healthtech industry leaders to help our clients level up to healthtech industry practices.

We focus on swift execution and balanced derisking. We are active worldwide.

Drawing from years as healthtech industry insiders, we act as your “virtual” in-house legal counsel. We combine legal skills with a COO state of mind to support smart and prompt business plan execution. This provides a competitive advantage in a number of ways.  

We get to know who you are. 
To better support you, we make it a central commitment to become familiar with your team members, priorities, product functions, market segments and internal constraints. We believe in enduring win-win relationships.

We have your back.
Working with you as if a team member rather than for you as a mere service provider, we ensure regular legal oversight to help you spot opportunities and risks early on.   We are active in matters worldwide (including Europe-US interfaces) and are not limited to a particular country.   If needed, we can help you retain other resources, turning to our network.

We focus on your success factors.
We ensure that:
- the legal advices we provide are actionable i.e. can translate into concrete value-adding actions
- contractual negotiations we support you on focus on swift execution of business priorities and do not overplay “legalese”
- an adequate yet balanced compliance (anti-corruption) safety net is in place

We support your legal empowerment.
We work to help you become autonomous to the extent possible.  We help you address recurring routine issues yourself through the use of models, templates and softwares.  If so desired, we train your designated staffs to handle basic routine legal matters internally.

We (and you) are cost-effective.
Our approach and pricing are highly competitive as compared with your alternatives i.e. turning to a traditional local law firm in the various countries you are involved in or hiring a dedicated in-house legal counsel experienced in healthtech. 

Sylvain Poitras, the Managing Director of Swiss Peak Technologies SA, is a partner with Appleton Luff International Lawyers.  Appleton Luff is a specialty law firm focusing on issues of international trade, arbitration, intellectual property,  investment, life sciences and public international law.  The attorneys of Appleton Luff are independently registered or incorporated and are based in seven countries on four continents, representing clients in matters in several tens of countries worldwide. More here: www.appletonluff.com.